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Calling it as I see it — in love, life, & relationships IG: kirstyleekay

Do you remember that cliché interview question the world prepped millennials for when exiting our college delusion & preparing to enter the real world? The question where you were supposed to bare your soul to your potential boss? What is your biggest weakness. As if the person vying for the…

Things have changed. We have a new administration. The overall mood for *most* media outlets seems to have shifted — a more optimistic view of our future has come to light (depending where you’re looking, of course). It’s interesting how quickly the narrative has switched & it has not gone…

2021. We’re here. And with every new year brings the sense of new beginnings. Self reflection at its finest — we evaluate the past year, review the good, bad, & everything in between. Personally, I always take stock of habits I want to cast off in the new year &…

I’m sad today

Sadder than most days

Because I found out the problem is me

No need to place blame

Or give this pain a new name

At the end of the day

The problem is me

My fierce independence

Gets in the way

Of being dependent on anything

My logic

Gets in the way

Of feeling with my whole heart

Traits that guide me with certainty

Fail me with lies

And that makes me sad today

I want to choose courage over consolation

I want to accept love without chagrin

I want to surprise myself

I want to let the shining light in

It’s time to let go

Time to make room

And start anew

It’s time to BLOOM

Flourish & shrink. Steps taken forward & backward. Lessons learned while making mistakes.

A paradox of life.

We can be giddy & irritable. Vulnerable & silly. Exhilarated & afraid.

This is the fullness of who we are.

We are lionhearted & cowards. We are fearless & frightened. We are confident & wavering.

Welcome the dichotomy — life is not a ready-made, orderly pattern of growth.

Step into the fullness of who you are.

All life’s worth — the love, despair, excitement, disappointment — is in the “in between”. It’s the point of where we are and where we want to be. It’s the present moment. Embrace that. Embrace now.

Whoever, however, & wherever you are on this journey.

The 2020 United States Election results have been concluded & as our country seems to become more divided by the day, I find myself divided as well. It’s an inner discord between fear & hope. Fear that we will sever from truth & choose to be blind to our shortcomings…

A beautiful element of life is having the ability to edit it the moment we decide we want to. Evidently, we can’t rewrite the past but the future is within our means to create. If we want to gain a new perspective that changes our world view, we can do…

How come the feeling of being blissfully happy sometimes gets met with a feeling of apprehension? Why, at times, are we unable to soak in the perfect presence of another human being without wondering when their imperfections will show up?

Why do we deny ourselves bliss? Why do we punish…

Points in time that make a life

The routine day to day existence

A ticking by of life activities that seem to have no significance

The pause of silence

The conversation about nothing

The first sip of morning coffee

The unexpected belly laugh

This is where we live

Spaces between moments

And this is when you’re missed the most

When your absence stings

Don’t take for granted these spaces between moments

And make sure the people that are important to you

Know how important they are

Dear Self,

Open your eyes. Begin the day renewed & ready for exciting possibilities. Smile.

Look East. Watch the sunrise. Marvel at God’s creation. Smile more.

Take a deep breath. In. Then out.

What are you grateful for today? Make a list. Close your eyes. Think about that list. …

Kirsten Kaufmann

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